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Space Reflex® leads in reflective thermal insulation

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Summer and Winter Thermal Comfort


Energy gain in a correctly insulated building.

Easy and quick installation without the need for specialists or heavy machinery.

Energy reflection makes it possible to increase the temperature of the interior wall, improving comfort conditions in winter.

In summer, the reflection prevents the interior wall from heating up, thus improving the well-being provided by a mild temperature inside, reducing energy costs.


It offers perfect insulation as it reflects radiant energy.

The insulation function remains unchanged over time.

Due to its lightness, it is not necessary for the construction structure to support heavy weights. With a minimum thickness, maximum insulation is obtained.

Perfect adaptation of the insulation to any type of surface.

It does not deteriorate with humidity or condensation.

Its structure is practically indestructible without disintegrating when subjected to high compressions.

Waterproof to water vapour and moisture.

If placed on roofs of industrial buildings, it forms a clean layer and increases its brightness gain.

Gain of habitable surface

SPACE REFLEX insulation takes up less space than traditional ones.

Ease and speed of placement

The rollers are light and easy to transport.

No special tools are required for its placement.

Moisture resistance

SPACE REFLEX products are highly resistant to water absorption, thanks to their composition, and their capillarity is zero, which makes SPACE REFLEX insulation Impermeable to water vapour and humidity.

Biological resistance

Rodents, insects or other worms do not attack SPACE REFLEX products, as they have no nutritional value for them thanks to their composition.


When applied correctly, SPACE REFLEX products have a lifespan equal to the lifespan of the building or construction in which they are inserted

SPACE REFLEX products can be reused depending on how they were installed.

Environment and Health

SPACE REFLEX products can be recycled mechanically, chemically or incinerated under control.

SPACE REFLEX products do not contain CFC’s or HCFC’s or any other harmful gas that contributes to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer, preserving the environment.

Thermal Characteristics

In terms of thermal characteristics, studies confirm the effectiveness of reflective insulation.

It is not possible to directly compare reflective insulation with conventional insulation, as the method of action is totally different, we can only prepare an equivalence table that should only be considered as a guide.


An Infinity
of Solutions

Our products have in their properties such as lightness, reduction of space for application, capacity of thermal and acoustic insulation, the factors that make builders and engineers prefer the use of SPACE REFLEX products in a wide range of solutions for construction.

We propose our technology and our service to advise the best use of our products.

Equivalence table

For similar thermal insulation, the following thicknesses of the various materials are required:

Insulating Material Density (Kg/m3)Thermal Conductivity Equivalent thicknesses (mm)
to obtain the same degree of insulation
Extruded Polystyrene15 - 350,040+ de 40mm
Glass wool8 - 12
12 - 60
+ de 45mm
Rock wool20 - 35
35 - 180
+ de 45mm
Cork Agglomerate 0,045+ de 50mm
Reflective Foils SPACE REFLEX®Non-cellular material0,043just 4mm
Reflective Foils SPACE REFLEX®Non-cellular material0,038just 8mm
Reflective Foils SPACE REFLEX®Non-cellular material0,035just 12mm
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