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Sound insulation is the main technique for controlling sound propagation in buildings. In particular, soundproofing provides the reduction of noise transmission between two environments or, in general, between one place and another, such as with the outside of the building, increasing comfort and well-being.

A well-insulated house allows an increased feeling of comfort, and will save you energy throughout the year.

In your building, installing complete soundproofing on floors, ceilings, walls and even plumbing is the way to achieve acoustic comfort.

Increase Comfort

Obtain acoustic comfort by improving our well-being and comfort in our home.

Walls and partitions

Increase sound insulation by placing insulation inside walls.

Reduce your energy footprint

Our insulation products do not contain CFCs, HCFCs, or any other harmful gas that contributes to the destruction of the stratospheric ozone layer, preserving the environment.

Easy application

Many of our insulations are flexible and easy to apply, allowing greater savings in application and material performance by limiting waste.


More comfort (in everyday life as well as for your health) and the appreciation of your heritage (increases the value of selling or renting the property).

Ideal for walls - airborne noises (eg: neighbours’ voices) and floors - impact noises (eg: shoe noise).

Ideal for floor insulation. With double faced unprotected aluminium and foam.

Ideal for laying with the parquet. Reduced thickness, light and manageable, it increases the acoustic insulation of the floor.

Polyethylene foam for floors and packaging.

Ideal for laying on wooden or parquet floors. High moisture resistance, with flap for easier application.

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