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As manufacturers, we have the possibility to make your Idea possible!

SPACE REFLEX products can be composed of different materials, making it possible to develop new solutions according to the specifications given by the customer.

SPACE REFLEX has several Products considered Non-Standard due to its demand not justifying permanent stock, to meet your needs the delivery time of these products will be much shorter than developing a solution from scratch.

Contact us and together we will work for a solution.

Keep the temperature

Get a stable temperature improving our well-being and comfort in your home.

(like a package of milk that has aluminium in the composition of its packaging, so as to keep the temperature stable, which makes the milk not spoil).

Save on energy

By keeping the inside temperature isolated from the outside, it allows the consumption to heat or cool the house, to be always lower, which translates into energy savings.

Reduce your energy footprint

By saving on energy, we are reducing our carbon footprint.

Avoid moisture and condensation

Some humidity and its condensation appear due to the “cold walls” phenomenon, that is, it is not convenient for the walls of a room to have a temperature below 10ºC, especially when the weather is humid. This can be achieved by installing insulation in order to avoid this phenomenon.

Gain useful space

The reflective insulations have a reduced thickness, which will allow you to have a larger living area.

Self-adhesive for faster and easier application.

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