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The breathable membranes/barriers allow the passage of vapours, preventing condensation.

They protect the interior of the house by letting out vapours, but not letting water or wind penetrate, also acting as a sub-tile.

They must be used in conjunction with thermal insulation to improve the thermal and waterproofing system.

How it works

A vapour retardant barrier is a material that reduces the rate at which water vapour transfers through a set of materials, such as those that make up a roof or wall. Our membrane allows some moisture transfer from the inside to the outside, increasing the feeling of comfort.

Extra protection

Using our membrane gives your building extra protection.

Greater protection

Protects from water and air (wind) infiltration and offers greater protection against dust ingress.

Avoid moisture and condensation

Regulates the passage of moisture, preventing the formation of condensation

Application precautions

It should have an overlap of 20cm, decreasing according to the pendant.

Breathable membrane or vapour barrier. Ideal for insulating roofs and wooden houses.

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