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BT 150

Breathable Membrane and Vapour Barrier. It works in only one direction, it does not let the humidity in and it allows the humidity to leave, letting your house breathe.

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Technical Data

  • Weight: 125 g/m² (± 15)
  • Thickness: 0,6mm
  • Composition: 3
  • Usage Temperature: -40°C to +80°C

Water vapour permeability:

  •  Lyssysystem 23°C/85%RH 1400 g/m² x 24h (± 200)
  •  Lyssysystem 38°C/85%RH 3200 g/m² x 24h (± 400)

Download the Technical Data Sheet (in PDF format)

Application Areas

  • Waterproofing, waterproof and breathable membrane for discontinuous roof and wall coverings.
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